Welcome Brooklynn!

Look how cute my niece is! Tiny little thing is not even a month old and she’s a character. Oh btw she’s 1/2 black, 1/4 White, 1/16 Mexican, 1/16 Chinese, and 1/16 Portuguese. #unitednations

I Call Him Woody

Wrong in so many ways…

Padre Xavier

My Dad, gotta love him! Follow him on Twitter @Rat2cool

Jadyn Press

My substitute for weights.

Pretty Lights

Irvine Spectrum…couldn’t find the courage to get my butt up there. Heights are not my thing…

Sweet Love

I love you, but I hate you.

5 Power Foods That Will Have You Lean For Summer

Here is a list of 5 power foods that will help increase lean muscle mass and avoid storing fat. Do note that by eating these foods alone and not exercising, the body will not magically transform. This is an aid, not a miracle diet!

Toyota Speedway “Kids Against Cancer” Celebrity Race

This Saturday, July 23rd, is Toyota Speedway’s Kids Against Cancer and Celebrity Race event. Comment for a chance to win a pair of tickets!

My Bed

This is my bed…Thanks to Dave Ramsey, I won’t be buying one till my cards are paid off. Living on a budget FTW!

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